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We're expanding and evolving: MaeTec Power serves a wide range
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MaeTec Power began as a telecommunications provider of DC power applications. As word of mouth has expanded our business, our reputation has grown and we are now responsible for critical banking, billing, and insurance data and domestic utility and education related data. Our varied and growing customer base also includes the: financial, government, insurance, CoGen, utility, education, municipality, and substation industries.

Yet even as we continue to grow, we remain committed to our small company values (even though we serve large companies) and we employ our own technicians—each with years of DC Power and inside plant experience. This is how we make sure you will benefit from a consistent and structured process from site to site. It also means our technicians will be familiar with your sites—your managers will know them by name—which makes it easier to recommend the latest and most optimal solutions.

When you call MaeTec, you'll speak with a project manager who knows your project—and knows it well. You'll have secure web access to your technician's site reports and trending analyses about your project, which you can access 24/7.

Products Offered to Other IndustryCustomers:
  • Power Plant Equipment
  • UPS and Telecom Batteries
  • Distribution
  • Power Conversion
  • UPS
  • Cable and Infrastructure
Services Offered to Other Industry Customers:
  • Battery Installation, Replacement, Maintenance, and Load Testing
  • DC Power Plant Installations and Maintenance
  • DC Power Equipment Audits 
  • Site Design
  • Grounding Schemes
  • Fiber Guide Installation
  • Racking and Stacking
  • Distribution
Various Maetec Industries
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