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DC Power Plant Services

MaeTec Power is a DC power plant specialist with years of experience working with the nation's largest users of DC power. There is no one more qualified to design and build out your new power plant site.

Not building any new sites? We can also design your next upgrade or plant augment. As part of the process, we'll suggest the latest technology and in many cases, reduce the space footprint at your site.

Regardless of how you work with us—new plant site or upgrade to existing site—we design the best solution for your future growth potential, because we want to be your partner for the long term.

MaeTec Power partners with the largest DC power plant manufacturers. As a result, we offer the most competitive prices for products and services in the industry. Because we use our own technicians throughout the country, you can rest assured each of your plants will be built and/or maintained in a consistent manner from site to site.

This also means our technicians will be familiar with your sites, which makes it easier to recommend the latest and most optimal solutions. You'll even be able to access your technician's site reports, analyses, and recommendations on our secure website 24/7.

When you have questions, you'll have direct access to the MaeTec Power project manager assigned to your account.

MaeTec Power builds, augments, and maintains DC power plants in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Cable Providers
  • Education
  • Municipalities
  • Substations
  • Utilities
  • Data Centers
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Other
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