Maetec Power Customers

Cable Providers

We're proud to say many of the nation's largest cable providers are our customers. Cable companies are different from our other customers because they may not have DC power plants. However they trust MaeTec Power to provide product, service, and maintenance for their UPS units.

Many of our cable customers are actually moving to DC power plants as they begin to provide more telecom services. Because of the 911 requirements, cable companies are also more concerned about power outages. The cable industry relies on Maetec Power to maintain robust power plants—and to perform "hot" work, which is when our technicians keep the network alive while performing upgrades or maintenance at the site.

Products Offered to Cable Customers:
  • Power Plant Equipment
  • UPS and Telecom Batteries
  • Distribution
  • Power Conversion
  • UPS
  • Cable and Infrastructure 
Services Offered to Cable Customers:
  • Battery Installation, Replacement, Maintenance, and Load Testing
  • DC Power Plant Installations and Maintenance
  • DC Power Equipment Audits
  • Site Design
  • Grounding Schemes
  • Fiber Guide Installation
  • Racking and Stacking
  • Distribution
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