About Us


Large company expertise combined with small company service and responsiveness.

At MaeTec Power, we provide DC power and battery services to some of the largest national companies in the U.S. yet we are a small company with the ability to focus on individual customer requirements. When you call us, you don’t reach an anonymous call center. You speak with a project manager or owner who knows your project—and knows it well.

Our owners are involved with most of our jobs, so the pressure is on to ensure your satisfaction. We employ our own technicians—not subcontractors. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified by the manufacturers that we support.  Most of our business comes to us from word of mouth: we react quickly to our customers and they appreciate our high level of responsive service. For this very reason, we typically complete projects in hundreds of cities in over 40 states annually.

The best solution for your situation
At  MaeTec Power, we’re product agnostic. That means we’re not limited to using specific products for your solution. We tailor a design to your priorities and budget. If you have a preferred brand—great, we’ll use it. If you don’t have a preference, we’ll do the research necessary to find products that deliver the highest level of quality and efficiency for your money.

MaeTec Power partners with industry leading DC power manufacturers such as ABB (formerly GE Industrial Services), Vertiv, Eltek, CE&T, Alpha and others. We also have direct relationships with leading battery manufacturers like C&D Technologies, Enersys, East Penn, Northstar Battery, and GNB. 

MaeTec Power Provides Industry Leading Products and Services

  • DC Power Design, Installation, and Augments
  • Battery Installation, Maintenance, and Load Testing
  • Grounding Audits
  • Fiber Guide Installation
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Racking and Stacking
  • Cable Sizing and Installation
  • Cable Rack Installation
  • Project Management
  • Much More!

MaeTec Power Serves Customers in the Following Industries

  • Telecommunications
  • Cable Companies
  • Data Centers
  • Utilities
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Government
  • Municipalities
  • Substations